Globalization Engineer (Korea) in Natick, MA:


Job Summary

The Globalization (G11n) Engineer is responsible for globalization of MathWorks products and documentation with a special focus on Korean.

As a member of the Globalization Engineering team, you will work closely with internationalization (I18n) and localization (L10n) engineers as well as product developers to provide guidance on internationalization and localization of their products.



Responsibilities include the following tasks focused on Korean localized versions of our products and documentation.

·         Work with development teams to identify the source and solution of problems in Korean and other localized versions of our products.

·         Work with developers on their new features’ localization needs.

·         Work with feature developers, team QEs and the Globalization QE to have features tested using Pseudo-Localization Testing before translation.

·         Create and maintain tools for working with localized files.

·         Manage Korean localized documentation submission and build process.

·         Develop and enhance tools for working with translated files.

·         Fix bugs in localized products and documentation.


Qualifications Required / Preferred

·         BS/MS in Computer Science or Engineering.

·         Fluency in spoken and written Korean

·         Experience with MATLAB is highly desirable.

·         Working knowledge of C/C++, Java and Perl is highly desirable.

·         Localization experience (Development or QE) desired.

·         Knowledge of Korean environment on PC/Linux/Mac OS.

·         Analytical with a sharp attention to detail.

·         Ability to adapt quickly to complex technical software products.

·         Good written and verbal English communication skills.

·         Experience with Simulink is a plus.

·         Competency in Chinese or Japanese is a plus


To apply directly, please go to our Career page at




Debbie Coleman

Technical Recruiter


The MathWorks

3 Apple Hill Drive

Natick, MA 01760 USA


Direct: 508-647-8595

Fax: 508-652-3226


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